Client Need:  Medical manufacturing company needed training on the importance of cleanroom procedures and the process of gowning and ungowning in the cleanroom.

Solution:  Knowledge Design & Delivery partnered with a line manager to update the procedures based on the reorganization of the cleanroom. Knowledge Design & Delivery wrote the script for the video shoot, produced, shot, and edited the video, and included captions for the key learning points.

Client Need:  Medical manufacturing company needed to provide new and existing employees training on safety.

Solution:  Knowledge Design & Delivery interviewed the SME to obtain the content to be included and then organized the information into teachable learning modules (physical hazards, gas hazards, chemical hazards, and the disposal of chemicals). Knowledge Design & Delivery developed:

  • The content to be included in the safety training

  • Wrote the script for the video shoot, which included a description of the scene and the narration

  • Produced the video

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