Client Need:  A client was installing a new application for receiving merchandise at its warehouse.  Business process and overlapping job activities needed to be defined and communicated.

Solution:  We developed documentation for the application that included flowcharts and descriptions for the new business process.  This enabled users to quickly locate their specific tasks and also understand how their tasks fit into the entire process.

Client Need:  A retail company started a mail order pharmacy and needed to have their process documented.

Solution:  Knowledge Design & Delivery observed the process and interviewed the employees to document the process flow, the detail of each task, and the exceptions to the flow.

Client Need:  A financial institution, who has a large number of systems that integrate with each other, wanted to diagram the systems (their connections with each other and the information flow) and document each system.  They wanted documentation so that management could get their arms around the entire structure and for the support groups so that if the knowledge left the company, they would be able to continue support as usual.

Solution:  Knowledge Design & Delivery started with one financial system by interviewing SMEs and documenting the current process.  This included diagrams and a technical reference guide for the IT people that support the system.

For their support group, Knowledge Design & Delivery also documented process flows and user guides for rewriting existing jobs, setting up new jobs, and troubleshoot using PeopleSoft; viewing job statuses, performing actions such as restarting failed jobs, and monitoring job flow using AutoSys (scheduling software that controls the flow of jobs).

Client Need:  A retail client was implementing a new Receiving System in their distribution center.  They needed documentation and training developed for the Receiving Department so that they could learn the system in a short period of time and provide the best possible service to their customers:  Receivers, Stockers, Coaches, Dispatch, Scheduling, and Operations Analyst.

Solution:  Knowledge Design & Delivery developed documentation, quick references, and training for the Receiving Department that included the PC functions and the RF unit functions.  We helped define and document the new division of work among the departments, instructions on how to perform their daily work and troubleshoot, and developed job aids.

Client Need:  The client was developing and implementing a new application to serve as an administrative tool and system for the Society’s Press to track workflow as encyclopedia entries were reviewed and edited through various stages of their development. The application integrated Microsoft Word for tracking and editing and with Microsoft Outlook for communicating with other system users.

Solution:  As the application was being developed, Knowledge Design & Delivery communicated with the Cold Fusion programmer to help determine the flow of the application and developed the following documentation:

  • Workflow process

  • Work stage process

  • A manager’s guide with step-by-step instructions on how to follow the process and perform specific tasks

  • A user’s guide with step-by-step instructions on how to follow the process and perform specific tasks

  • A job aid

Client Need:  A food delivery service was implementing an entire order to cash system and requested quality, professional looking user documentation for their implementation.

Solution:  Knowledge Design & Delivery developed process flows, user guides, and supervisor guides by interviewing SMEs and using the application. This allowed us to develop with minimal time taken away from the SMEs. The guides included order entry, dispatch, distribution, route settlement, sales entry, driver process, accounts receivable, credit and customer satisfaction, accounting, pricing, security, and administrator.

Technical Writing Case Studies