Client Need:  Identify and design training for fund accountants globally for a software implementation and new business processes and policies / procedures.

Solution:  We completed a needs assessment, designed the overall training curriculum, developed training designs for each course, and worked with SMEs to build business content on complex financial instruments and processes.

Developed classroom led training comprised of PowerPoint presentations with detailed instructor notes to ensure consistent training. The instructor notes also included activities the trainer was to conduct with the students.

Client Need:  Client was conducting a two-day training/informational session for all key stakeholders of a fund launch from around the world. They needed to gather all the information about processes, policies, procedures, and future action items to present in a cohesive manual and PowerPoint presentation.

Solution:  Working from a two page outline, we interviewed over 20 SMEs to structure, develop, and create 14 topics of content into a cohesive trainer’s guide with instructor notes, participant guide, and PowerPoint presentation.

The participants were thankful for the detailed and organized content and we received a round of applause at the end of the two-day presentation.


Client Need:  Take content collected from various locations and formats to develop a new hire orientation Trainer’s Guide and Participant Guide that aligns with their NEO (New Employee Orientation) Program.

Solution:  We partnered with the client to determine what information was relevant to include in the guide, what information was appropriate as reference material, develop checklists and to-do lists that would be helpful to new employees, and determine handouts that would need to be updated frequently.

We developed a new hire orientation Trainer and Participant Guide that aligned with their existing NEO Program. In the Trainer’s Guide, we included trainer prep lists and instructor notes. We also included handouts in a manner that was easy for the new hires to update frequently. After we conducted a pilot of the training materials, it was successfully rolled out.

Based on the results of the Trainer and Participant Guide, a subsidiary company asked that we create a new hire Trainer Guide, Participant Guide, and company brochure for them also.

Client Need:  Client needed training developed for the quality department to train them on the quality process and procedures and manufacturing floor on assembly of products, product knowledge, equipment, and clean room procedures.

Solution:  We created a curriculum, training map, and certification process for the quality department and manufacturing floor personnel. We developed:

  • Orientation Trainer’s Guide and Participant’s Guide for existing and new personnel with instructor notes and hands-on activities for the learner

  • Equipment orientation Trainer’s Guide and Participant’s Guide with hands-on activities for the learner

  • Cleanroom Trainer’s Guide and Participant’s Guide with video, photos, and certification requirements

  • Product knowledge guide with checks for understanding

  • S-OJT (Structured On-the-Job Training) guides for the instructor to follow when training on the assembly of a part, including what to demonstrate, questions to ask the learner while the learner is demonstrating what was taught, what to observe while learner is demonstrating an assembly, and troubleshooting tips

  • Trainer and Participant Guide on how to read documents along with hands-on activities for the learner to perform


Client Need:  A growing medical manufacturing company needed training materials for new hires.

Solution:  Knowledge Design & Delivery developed a new hire orientation guide (facilitator guide and participant guide) to include personnel guidelines (confidential information, harassment and discrimination policy, holidays, violence prevention, security, code of conduct, and so on).  It was determined through discussions with management and employees that more information was wanted and needed. We then developed content about customer use of their products, workcell orientation, reading and using controlled documents, cleanroom environments, and specific training on commonly used tools.


Client Need:  A food manufacturing client was growing and building new manufacturing facilities in the US. They wanted to identify designated trainers to train existing and newly hired operators, but needed training materials and job aids to assist the trainers.

Solution:  We got input from all facilities in order to get buy-in from everyone. We created a curriculum and certification process for the operators. We developed:

  • Trainer’s Guide for the trainers to train operators consistently and get them up to speed quicker.

  • S-OJT modules for each major task of a process. By interviewing and observing the tasks being performed, we developed S-OJT to ensure the trainer covered all important tasks, operator safety concerns, food safety tasks, and food quality responsibilities. The S-OJT materials followed the “know, show, do, review” methodology.

  • Learner’s Guide that included quizzes on applicable work instructions, assessments in order to get certified, and job aids.

Classroom Training Case Studies