Our passion is making knowledge productive - helping employees learn to perform their jobs efficiently, productively, and with quality and understanding of why they need to do it.


We can make your knowledge more productive by developing custom user documentation, training materials, and web-based training.


Knowledge Design & Delivery uses your in-house knowledge and our expertise to design effective technical documentation & training for delivery of concise, relevant and user-friendly learning and reference materials.

"I continue to be very pleased and grateful for both the quality and content of this new training initiative.  Thanks again to you both."  Joel Moryn, President of Parsons Electric

"We had a need to train a large influx of manufacturing staff needed to sustain company growth.  Knowledge Design & Delivery came in and did an excellent job and provided us with very professional work products.  We received overwhelming positive feedback on the value of the work performed...clearly won their 'hearts and minds'."  Director of Breakthrough Enginerring with ev3

"We contracted with Knowledge Design & Delivery to assist on a project with a very tight timeline.  Knowledge Design & Delivery delivered ahead of schedule in a very professional manner.  The training deliverables are now in use and are generating very good feedback.  We would definitely work with Knowledge Design & Delivery again."  Client

“Polly-Thank you so much for the time and effort you spent on research, double checking, questioning, revising, updating, re-revising, and interpreting our responses. This will be an incredible resource for us and we definitely couldn’t have completed it ourselves before Go-Live.”   Business Services Analyst

“Thank you so much for the incredible job you did. I have heard SO MANY comments from people on the project about how amazing you were to work with, how you pulled everything together in the final hour, and how flawlessly everything went off in spite of the rush and the chaos. The attendees were so positive following the training, which is amazing considering the tough topics.”  Ann Folkman – Director of Marketing, CarVal Investors


“Thank you for everything that you did for our Global training week. I keep hearing comments on how amazing the Document was - from just about everyone. You went above and beyond everyone's expectations. AND you felt our level of urgency, and went out of your way to meet our tight deadlines. Thank you again, for all of your efforts, and extra time spent.”  Michelle Busch, CarVal Investors


“THANK YOU for all of your help these past several months! I truly appreciate knowing I can trust in your attention to details and standard of quality for your work.”  Senior Materials Coordinator